Major Tasks

  • Event management

    • Hosting of ‘Foreign Company Day’ events.
    • Hosting of promotional exhibitions and job fairs for foreign companies and foreign invested companies.
    • Invitation of high-ranking officials to participate in business discussions and deliver lectures.
    • Hosting of the Chairmen’s Golf Trophy Championship for CEOs of foreign invested companies.
    • Hosting of the HR forum.
    • Hosting of membership networking events.
      (Regular meetings, golf events, Committee Day, Art & Culture Class, Wine & Dine, Breakfast meeting for
      executives, workshop for executives, golf tour, etc.)
  • Liaison with the government

    • Recommending that the government offer prizes to foreign companies and foreign invested companies.
    • Informing the government of members’ business difficulties and recommending improvements to the relevant
      laws in order to improve them.
    • Execution of HR fostering projects designed to attract foreign companies’ R&D centers...
    • Support for collective agreements.
  • Support for member companies

    • Operation of committees for joint
      marketing efforts between members.
    • Operation of the Business Support
      Center (HR, finance, and legal support
  • PR & CSR

    • Publication of the business information
      magazine FORCA Journal for CEOs of
      foreign invested companies.
    • FORCA Special Lectures for CEOs.
      (Major universities and graduate schools
      in Seoul – Kyung Hee University, Korea
      University, Sogang University,
      Ewha Womans University, Inha University)