Membership Services

Membership Services

Regular Member

Listening to the business difficulties of members and recommending solutions to the government.

Provision of information on government policies, and trade and investment from time to time.

CEOs talks, seminars, talks with high-ranking officials, Industrial Committee Day event, workshops on tax and accounting, foreign company job fairs, Foreign Company Day event, forums on investment, consultation meetings for investment, workshops on HR and labor management, etc.

30% scholarship support for Ewha Womans University MBA, scholarship support for curriculum correlation of Seoul School of Integrated Sciences & Technologies and State University of New York, FORCA vehicle support, Total solutions.

Up to 94% off

- Special-price lease and purchase of Hyundai cars.
- Second-hand car services of SK Encar.
- Protocol arrangements for overseas travel and business trips, and total tourism service information.
- Smart-parking solution linked service (i PARKING).

Partnership with Kapjawon Flower. Offered at 15% off

Recommendation that the government offer prizes to meritorious service providers for attracting foreign investments on the occasion of the Foreign Company Day (submittal of Chairman's letter of recommendation).

Organization of various investment survey groups and market survey groups by special committee to participate in relevant activities with the first priority.

Issuance of written confirmations and certificates, such as for visa and sojourn extension, for submittal to the relevant agencies.

Free distribution of FORCA newsletters, periodicals (FORCA Journal) and other publications.

Issuance of invitations to high-ranking officials from the government and political and busines circles to participate in business discussions.

Provision of opportunities to participate in special committees by industry.

Wine and dine, art tours, golf tours, barbecue parties, etc.

Free participation in local government Investment Tours aimed at foreign invested companies.

- HR support center / 4 sub-committees (4 small committees under them)
- Financial Support Center
  · Provision of Shinhan Bank IFC (asset management and consulting center exclusive for foreigners and foreign invested companies) services.
  · Issuance of Shinhan business cards (exclusive FORCA/Shinhan Bank cards).
    : Payment of FORCA membership fees via mileage points, raising of foreign investors' credit ceiling, exemption from membership fees for corporate cards, high mileage rewarded.
- Legal Support Center (Kim&Chang Law Firm)

Provision of opportunities to participate in golf competitions for the CEOs of foreign invested companies.

Recommendation that the government offer prizes for meritorious service providers on Trade Day, Textile Day, etc.

Implementation of projects to protect members' rights and interests and support their business management.

Executive Member

Participation in executives' meetings.

Opinions on economic issues, and issuance of executives' statements.

Establishment of a communication channel with high-ranking government officials.

Review and resolve on the association's projects.

Exchanges of information and building of friendships between executives.

First-priority provision of government policies, information on trade and investment, and various data published by the association.

First-priority participation in events hosted by the association.

First-priority participation in talks with high-ranking government officials and political/business circles.

First-priority participation in various seminars, sessions on legal and tax affairs, corporate best product exhibitions, and job fairs.

First-priority participation in the association's various investment groups and market survey groups by specialist committee.

Discount service benefits for financial and insurance products through collective agreements with banks and life insurance/ non-life insurance companies.

Execution of projects to protect members' rights and interests and to support their business management.